In the era in which invasive plastic threatens our precious natural ecosystems, the two founding partners of Un Sacco Pulito S.r.l. Benefit companies have come together to face this challenge with determination. An innovative project, which demonstrates that passion for the environment can translate into real social change.

They have combined their skills, combining a passion for conscientious travel and discovery, with the awareness that it is necessary to do something to preserve places in their natural beauty.

The idea of creating a benefit corporation that would use the power of social media to raise awareness about the scourge of plastic waste emerged from a simple conversation. Both understood that educating people about the severity of the problem was the first step towards change.




In recent years, there has been an evolution in the business world, with a growing interest in business models that go beyond mere financial profit. One of the most significant expressions of this trend is represented by "benefit companies”, organizations that pursue social and environmental objectives alongside economic ones. Below, we will explore in detail what a benefit corporation is, its peculiarities and the importance of its social impact.

A benefit corporation is a type of business entity that explicitly integrates into its structure and purpose the pursuit of the common good, environmental sustainability or other social goals, along with the goal of generating financial profit. In other words, a benefit corporation is a hybrid between a for-profit organization and a non-profit organization, which seeks to balance profitability with positive impact on society and the environment.



Social or Environmental Mission: One of the main characteristics of benefit corporations is the presence of a clear and specific social or environmental mission.

Transparency: Benefit corporations are often required to disclose their social and environmental activities.

Responsibility to Stakeholders: Benefit corporations must view stakeholder well-being not just as an option, but as an obligation.

Impact Assessment: Benefit corporations often measure and evaluate the actual impact of their activities on the common good or the environment.

Legal Jurisdiction: In many jurisdictions, benefit corporations are recognized as a specific legal form, requiring consideration of social and environmental objectives in addition to financial ones.



The most fascinating aspect of benefit corporations is their potential positive impact on society and the environment. These organizations can become agents of change, addressing social and ecological problems, promoting equity and supporting relevant causes. For example, a benefit corporation might engage in poverty reduction, environmental protection, improving access to education, or public health initiatives.

Their hybrid nature allows benefit corporations to address global challenges in innovative ways. They can partner with nonprofits, collaborate with public institutions, and engage the community more effectively than many traditional companies.

Benefit corporations represent a positive evolution in the world of business, demonstrating that financial profit can coexist with social and environmental impact. These organizations offer a unique model that could inspire other companies to more carefully consider their role in society and the environment.


In today's world, the impact of pro-environmental initiatives is critical to the sustainability of our planet. A new initiative model that is gaining more and more resonance is represented by the synergy between benefit corporations and content creators, an idea that not only promotes social responsibility, but also involves people in a creative and exciting way. Imagine a benefit corporation that collaborates with influencers and content creators to collect waste from beaches, pine forests and forests, with the aim of preserving the natural beauty of our planet.

The Mission of Our Environmentally Oriented Benefit Company

The benefit company UN SACCO PULITO has a clear and focused mission on environmental protection. Its goal is to clean up natural areas, reducing the impact of pollution and raising society's awareness of the importance of nature conservation. This mission would go beyond simple cleaning to include environmental education programs, awareness raising and recycling activities.

The Collaboration with Influencers and Content Creators

Influencers and content creators have incredible reach and impact on social media and online platforms. The benefit company UN SACCO PULITO leverages this powerful voice to spread the message of environmental conservation by engaging a wider audience. These influencers, known for their ability to grab people's attention, are de facto ambassadors for the initiative, encouraging their followers to participate in cleanup activities and become environmental activists.

Collaborative Cleaning Events

A key part of this initiative is the collaborative cleaning events, organized in different locations. Influencers and content creators are personally involved, physically participating in the cleaning of the beaches, pine forests and woods. These events are open to the public, giving anyone who wants to participate the opportunity to actively contribute to the cause.

The Power of Creative Content

Influencers and content creators not only participate in cleaning activities but also document the entire process through creative content. Engaging videos, emotional photos and inspiring stories shared on social media and other platforms. Not only does this content show the positive impact of the initiative, but it also inspires other people to follow suit and join the cause.

The Importance of Long-Term Involvement

To achieve real change, the initiative is actually long-term. The benefit company and content creators collaborate on an ongoing basis, hosting regular cleanup events, promoting environmental awareness, and encouraging community participation.

The joint forces of the benefit company and influencers/content creators represents a revolution in the fight against environmental pollution. This partnership catalyzes a global movement to clean up and conserve our natural resources. With the right amount of commitment, creativity and community involvement, this initiative makes a difference, leading to a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone.




Choosing the right name for an organization is like planting the seed of an idea. It must reflect the mission, essence and values of what it stands for. In the case of a benefit company dedicated to collecting waste from beaches and woods, the name UN SACCO PULITO stands out for its simplicity, effectiveness and profound meaning.

UN SACCO PULITO is a name that is remembered. Its simplicity is a great strength. It's not overly elaborate or complicated. On the contrary, it is clear and direct in its communication. Every time we hear it, we immediately understand its mission: to clean, to make clean, to contribute to the purity of our natural environment.



The name UN SACCO PULITO captures the very essence of what the organization seeks to accomplish. It evokes the idea of containment, of gathering, of collecting and taking away. It's a familiar term that instinctively connects to the goal of removing waste from the natural environment. But it's the clean term that makes the name truly meaningful. It is not just a question of physically removing waste, but of restoring nature to its purity, of restoring to our common home the beauty and dignity it deserves.


Another distinctive feature of the name UN SACCO PULITO is that it evokes a sense of responsibility and commitment. It is not just a temporary cleaning, but a constant and continuous commitment to keeping the environment clean. The name suggests that what is collected is not just a collection of waste, but also a commitment to a greater cause, towards sustainability and care for our planet.

A further interesting aspect of the name is that it evokes a sense of collective participation. UN SACCO PULITO is not something the organization does alone, but is an open invitation to all who share a love of the environment and want to do their part. It is a call to action, to join forces, to participate together for a common goal: a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

UN SACCO PULITO is more than a name. It is a message, a commitment, a call to action. It represents the mission of a benefit corporation dedicated to cleaning up our precious beaches and forests, but it goes beyond that, inspiring a sense of responsibility, commitment and unity. In a world that needs more businesses with purpose, UN SACCO PULITO shines as a beacon of hope and a call to preserve the natural beauty of our planet for future generations.


The importance of environmental conservation is more evident than ever. The beauty of our outdoor places, such as beaches, pine forests and forests, is threatened by waste that pollutes these natural spaces. But there is hope, and change starts with collaboration between companies and organizations dedicated to protecting the environment, like our waste collection benefit corporation.

Our Mission

Our benefit corporation, under the name UN SACCO PULITO, is committed to cleaning up these precious natural resources, restoring them to their original beauty. But we can't do it alone. We need the support and collaboration of companies, large and small, who share our passion for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

An Opportunity for Companies

Collaboration with UN SACCO PULITO is not only an act of social responsibility, but an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and the community. An opportunity to make a difference, to concretely contribute to preserving the natural resources that are fundamental for all of us. This collaboration will not only improve the company's reputation, but will also have a real and lasting impact on the environment.

The Methods of Collaboration

Businesses can support UN SACCO PULITO in several ways. One of the main options is financial support, which helps us expand our operations, organize more frequent clean-up events and involve even more volunteers. But the support is not just monetary. Businesses can also help by providing resources, such as collection bags, equipment or supplies.

An Alliance for a Better Future

Imagine the pride of being part of a movement that restores the natural beauty of the places we love, that provides a clean and healthy environment for future generations. Imagine the positive effect your business can have on the community and the environment. This is the opportunity we offer you, join us in this mission of change, cleanliness, sustainability.

We accept the Challenge, We welcome your Collaboration

The challenge of preserving the environment requires a shared commitment. UN SACCO PULITO is ready to do its part, but we need your help. We invite companies to join us, to collaborate for a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Together we can make a difference, leave a positive impact on our planet and inspire others to do the same.

Contact us today to discuss collaboration possibilities. Together we can do great things and build a future where places like beaches, pine forests and wild areas are a heritage to be protected and enjoyed for generations to come.