The Ambassadors of UN SACCO PULITO are a very diverse group of travelers who are active on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook.

Uncommon people, couples, families or friends who have decided to start a trip around the world without a planned return date. Their choice is the dream of many. They did it driven by curiosity and exploration, combined with a love for the planet.

For this reason, they are widely followed on social media and have become, for many people, real positive role models to take inspiration from.

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The follower values are summed up in all of the Ambassadors' profiles.

Alessio in Viaggio Libero

I'm a man who left home and a permanent job 6 years ago, to live in a camper in the company of my Czechoslovakian wolves.

Andre e Vale on the Road

We are Andrea and Valentina. We travel on the road in Italy and Europe with our two cats, Ignazio and Melina.

Ayò in Viaggio

Siamo partiti dalla parola sarda AYO', per renderla acronimo di Antonello & Yvonne Off grid.
Off Grid, fuori dagli schemi, fuori dal coro. Perchè è questo che abbiamo fatto con la nostra scelta di abbandonare lo standard di vita che la nostra società ha creato.


We are Sofia and Marco, we have been living in our 5m Ducato since June 2021. After traveling and working in Europe, we set off for our big dream: traveling the legendary Silk Road.

Cambiare Percorso

Sono un fulltimer appassionato di camper, su cui vivo, lavoro, viaggio e faccio lavori vari. Cambiare percorso è la mia via di fuga per cercare di scappare dalla vita inquadrata in cui tutti siamo incasellati.

Camperisti in erba

We are Daniele and Simona, Brian and Gioia, and together with our kitten Niky we are the Camperisti in Erba. We love traveling and discovering the beauty of nature and life in the open air.


Benvenuti a bordo di Goldie, il nostro camper Fiat Ducato 1.9TD del 1998.
Siamo Emanuela e Matteino.
Viaggiamo senza fretta in Italia e in Europa esplorando la Natura, facendo escursioni e visitando le città più belle!

Campobrace e l’amico Bullo

2020 il Covid ci toglie tutto! Ma varcato lo scalino del nostro camper abbiamo capito che avevamo tutto quello che ci serve

Come due Vagabondi

We are Mara and Danilo, traveling full time since 2016. To date we have been living in a camper around the Americas for 3 years. We are currently in Costa Rica. Our goal? To reach Argentina.


I am Dimitri Cristofolini, known better as Dimparu. I lived in the woods of Trentino for two years in my van, now I have changed vehicles due to family space needs. Excursions in the woods of Trentino and on the peaks are my passion, along with my two furry friends Olimpia and Isotta.

Dove Andiamo Domani

Siamo Sandra e Stefano e ci piace passare il tempo libero in modo attivo.

Due Bighelloni

Gió, Dani & Nera: siamo quelli del BuongiorSII, bighelart e Crypto Trading
Abbiamo costruito Biggy, la baita mobile

Enrico Spano

We are Enrico and Claudia, and with Johnny, our 1977 VW T2, we travel to discover remote places and to live in close contact with the wildest nature we can find.

I Viaggi di Blanca e Joy

We are Paolo and Giorgia, and we are carrying out the project of traveling in our van with our 3 Bolognese dogs. We’re in search of adventure, sports and everything that life in the open air can offer.

Kalimero Slow to Travel

We are Marco and Veronica. When we can we take our "Kali" a 1987 Motorhome with a
Ford engine and start travelling, we are so passionate about it that we are also strongly considering living life on the road... Who knows if one day, not too far away, we will succeed?

L' importante è partire

We are Elena and Alessandro. Travelers at heart, we try to transform our desire for discovery, knowledge and encounters into a journey with four wheels. Having returned from an 8-month trip to the Middle East, we began the transformation of a MAN 4x4 truck.

Live Sing Shoot

We are Alessia and Elena, we are two freelancers, and since July 2020 we have been living and traveling abroad in our Laika Ecovip 3L attic camper. We travel with our little family made up of a fluffy cat named Dorian and an exuberant dog named Sakura.

Lost & Found Travelling

We are Giada and Loris, aka Lostandfoundtravelling. We travel and live aboard Hoppipollo, our camper van that lets us discover Europe.

Lost on the Route

We are Dani and Isa, a blogger and an artist hungry for freedom! We travel and dream about Arancino, in a nice VW Crafter that we built ourselves.

Me, lè e ol Van

Ventidue anni di età ci separano ma ci unisce un pizzico di sana eccentricità. Il nostro furgone camperizzato di nome Lasko ci porta in giro per valli e montagne, almeno fin dove finisce la strada: da lì in poi ce la smazziamo con le nostre gambe, perché se non c’è fatica non c’è soddisfazione.

Ricci di Montagna

We are Ale and Luca, and we love all outdoor activities, especially in the mountains. As soon as we can, we jump into our vintage camper, “the Sherpa,” to make the most of all our outdoor adventures.

Searching the Outback

We are Eugenia, Nicola and Zen, we have been traveling with a camper/modified car since 2020 to be inspired by the world and the beauties it holds! We do DIY, restoring a first series Iveco Daily which we hope will soon become our home!

Senza CAP

We are Marina and Maurizio, and we have renovated a 1980 camper with as much autonomy as possible to go free. We wander aimlessly, like our name.

Simply Elsewhere

We are Zac & Spe, travelers and lovers of experiences. We are currently in Iceland. Our plans in the immediate future is to finish rebuilding our Van and live full-time.

Stefania Rossini

Siamo Luciano e Stefania, del canale YouTube " Stefania Rossini" Cerchiamo di impegnarci ogni giorno per essere sostenibili.

Story Hunters

We are Barbara and Leonardo. In 2018 we started the YouTube channel Story Hunters TV, which was born from the desire to link every travel occasion to the possibility of knowing the stories of Italians who live abroad.

The Family

Siamo Riccardo Elisa Gianluca Pepita e il nostro Italo, vogliamo portarvi con noi nei nostri piccoli e grandi viaggi, in attesa di partire per vivere on the road girando il Mondo, cercando di farlo con un pizzico di allegria e spensieratezza.

The Nirvan

We are Serena and Carlo, a couple of travelers who left their jobs and comfort zone to undertake one of the most adventurous journeys ever: traveling the Pan-American Highway.

The two of us on the Road

We are Cristian and Barbara and, with Bottone and Buddy, we often wander around in our van. From the end of June we will unplug from our jobs for a year and travel between Europe and Africa, wearing out tires and fingertips.

Tickets for Life

We are Marta and Federico, photographers and videomakers. We are traveling indefinitely with Charlie, a van set up and approved in Germany.

TV Verde

My name is Matteo, and I lead the TvVerde team, an environmental dissemination project created to give voice to the environment! We do what we say and we truly believe it.

Vado lento ma contento

Mi chiamo Andrea e vivo/viaggio in camper, mi piace stare piu possibile a contatto con la natura ed è per questo che ho scelto questa vita...
Sempre in spostamento, esplorando nuovi posti, nuove culture...
In tutto ciò offro la mia musica, che reputo la medicina per l'anima.


We are Sara and Paolo, and since May 2022, we have been traveling around the world aboard a van with a dog and a cat, Olimpia and Saké. The target? To get the world record of countries visited with a cat on the road.

Van a pian

Alice, Daniele and Vaniglia: a creative mind, a nerd and a VW T4 always on the road! We love being in contact with nature and discovering the beauties of the world aboard our self-built van.

Vivere In Camper: Macchitelofaffa?

Armando and Mel have been working, living and traveling aboard their camper full-time since 2012. Two digital nomads, lovers of outdoor life, exploration of the territory and always looking for new adventures.

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