Why Are So Many Businesses Supporting Sustainability?

News - 18 February 2024

Why Are So Many Businesses Supporting Sustainability?

While sustainability and being an eco-friendly business is hardly new news, the surprising amount of small and medium-sized businesses practicing it are.

From decreasing their own carbon footprint by recycling, to supporting actionable programs that help the environment, most would agree it’s a necessary part of doing business these days.

Social media has had a huge impact on how consumers buy. Companies or businesses that practiced ‘greenwashing,’ or lying about being sustainable, saw losses in sales and damage to their reputation.

Customers are becoming more reliant on facts and actions, not just unverified claims. Businesses who show themselves being eco-friendly on social media gain both trust and more customers. More customers means increased profits.

Businesses are also more aware of how important protecting and recovering the environment is. Ethical practices that are visible and tangible to the consumer are more valuable to the business, because it shows, not tells, a business’s commitment to preservation.

Customers are proving, time and again, that they’re willing to pay a little extra if the product or the company is actually sustainable. The younger eco-friendly generation is a strong customer base that makes choices based on how complacent a company is about the environment. And how their business might impact it.

In short, many businesses are choosing to become or support sustainability because it’s become a priority. It’s good business sense for the company, the consumer and most importantly for the environment. We wouldn’t have any businesses at all without it.