Senza CAP

We are Marina and Maurizio, and we have renovated a 1980 camper with as much autonomy as possible to go free. We wander aimlessly, like our name.

Senza CAP's Waste Collections

Turchia - Urla

Senza CAP19 February 2024

Private collection2

Turchia - Foca

Senza CAP8 February 2024

Private collection3

Grecia - Monte Olimpo

Senza CAP7 January 2024

Private collection2

Grecia - Kalamata

Senza CAP17 December 2023

Private collection4

Albania - Himarë

Senza CAP21 November 2023

Private collection2

Albania - Valona

Senza CAP14 November 2023

Private collection1

Croazia - Spiaggia Veliki Zal

Senza CAP26 October 2023

Private collection6

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