Tickets for Life

We are Marta and Federico, photographers and videomakers. We are traveling indefinitely with Charlie, a van set up and approved in Germany.

Tickets for Life's Waste Collections

Kecskemét - Ungheria

Tickets for Life26 May 2024

Main Partner: 2

Igoumenitsa - Grecia

Tickets for Life27 April 2024

Main Partner: 4

Kozani - Grecia

Tickets for Life27 April 2024

Main Partner: 1

Golyuzu - Turchia

Tickets for Life9 April 2024

Main Partner: 3

Ladik Golu - Turchia

Tickets for Life5 April 2024

Enthusiast: 5

Vani Sulfur Pool - Georgia

Tickets for Life28 March 2024

Enthusiast: 14

Area pic-nic in Georgia

Tickets for Life17 March 2024

Private collection1

Kobuleti Beach, Georgia

Tickets for Life25 February 2024

Private collection5

Rose Valley, Cappadocia

Tickets for Life11 February 2024

Private collection3

Bosco di Kaş, distretto di Antalia

Tickets for Life24 January 2024

Private collection9

Gritsa Beach Litochoro, Grecia

Tickets for Life18 December 2023

Private collection2

Paralia Karathonas - Grecia

Tickets for Life16 November 2023

Private collection4

Paralia Archaggelos - Grecia

Tickets for Life7 November 2023

Private collection5

Capo Rizzuto - Calabria

Tickets for Life13 August 2023

Private collection1

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