We are Sara and Paolo, and since May 2022, we have been traveling around the world aboard a van with a dog and a cat, Olimpia and Saké. The target? To get the world record of countries visited with a cat on the road.

Vandipety's Waste Collections

Armenia - Sevan National Park

Vandipety10 May 2024

Main Partner: 8

Turchia - Mus

Vandipety23 April 2024

Main Partner: 3

Grecia - Skala Sikias

Vandipety8 January 2024

Private collection1

Grecia - Livrochio Beach

Vandipety5 January 2024

Private collection2

Grecia - Thimari

Vandipety2 January 2024

Private collection4

Grecia - Baja Beach

Vandipety2 January 2024

Private collection2

Albania - Spiaggia Edi

Vandipety14 November 2023

Private collection3

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